Automatically backup and restore your Windows Azure apps and databases.

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Web Sites and Cloud Apps

We’ve got you covered. Every file, setting, and nook and cranny.

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Storage Tables and Blobs

Yes, even the mega big stuff. If Windows Azure supports it, we’ll store it.

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SQL Databases

Backup and restore Windows Azure Databases. Every row, every column.

Backup everything or just one thing. Do it automatically, or manually. You're in control.

Backup all your web sites, cloud apps, databases and storage accounts from Windows Azure to any location of your choice including other clouds like Amazon Web Services or Rackspace.* You have total control of when your backup runs and how often you'd like it to run.

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Restore Databases

Unlike some other products who aim only to backup, we make it just as easy to restore the databases you have to Windows Azure.

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